Why Connect2Learn?

  • To transform learning
    • Allowing students to collaborate, create, and personalize their learning.
    • Building capacity among our educators to leverage technology in order to transform learning environments .
  • To equip our students to excel
    • Engaging students with the resources, skills, and knowledge to improve student learning in school.
    • Enriching students to be prepared for college, career, and life experiences in a digital world.
  • To expand the amount of digital content access anytime and anywhere
    • Stretching our students’ learning beyond the classroom.

What is Connect2Learn?

Connect2Learn (C2L) is a digital learning initiative aimed at providing students with better access to electronic tools and resources in their learning experiences. Triggered by the funds provided by the passing of ballot measures 3A & 3B, C2L is led by the district's Technology department under the direction of their Educational Technology team. The initiative began in early 2017 with the formation of the C2L Task Force. This Task Force drafted a plan recommendation that was later used in the development of the final C2L plan. Long term, the C2L initiative may be implemented differently at the various grade levels as we aim to address the learning needs of students rather than a focus on a bright shiny object.

How will the community benefit long-term from this plan?

This digital learning initiative will provide students with access to technology to deepen their learning experiences and prepare them with necessary Global Ready skills for their future.

Students will have access to digital devices and content allowing for engaging and challenging instruction anytime, anywhere for all learners.

Teachers will have resources that personalize instruction and develop skills in collaboration and creation that students will apply to college, career and life experiences, equipping them to excel in a rapidly changing digital world.

Our Community will have students who graduate with critical skills and knowledge to contribute to the growth and development of the Vail Valley.

The Connect2Learn Timeline

2020-2021 :: Rolling out devices

      • Year 4 of the Connect2Learn plan
        • Devices assigned to students in grades 5-12.
        • 4 Carts of devices per building to be shared with K-4 classrooms

2017-2020 :: Building capacity

      • 2017-2018 Academic Year:
        • Year 1 of the Connect2Learn plan
          • 1000 devices distributed to teachers
      • 2018-2019 Academic Year:
        • Year 2 of the Connect2Learn plan
          • 1500 devices distributed to teachers
      • 2019-2020 Academic Year:
        • Year 3 of the Connect2Learn plan
          • 1000 devices distributed to teachers

2016-2017 :: Developing the plan

      • District MLO passes which allowes funding of the Connect2Learn initiative (Nov)
      • Formation of C2L Task Force (Jan)
      • Data Collection (Jan-March)
      • Connect2Learn Task Force Proposal (March 31st)