ECS Learns


The ECS Learns page will be going away in the near future. We encourage you to look at the new DIGITAL LEARNING pages on the ECS TECHNOLOGY WEBSITE to access the information from ECS Learns in the future.

Eagle County Schools' mission is to teach the children of Eagle County to have creative and active minds, compassion for others, enthusiasm for lifelong learning, and the courage to act on their dreams. The District's Strategic Plan outlines the way in which we bring this mission to life and demonstrates our commitment to excellence. The Strategic Plan includes tactics around Extending and Expanding Learning Opportunities and Integrating Technology into the learning expierence.

Designing systems that provide meaningful engagement in the learning process through virtual means enables Eagle County Schools to ensure student learning is continuous and ongoing outside of the four walls of a classroom. ECS learns both inside and outside of the classroom.

Click here for information on the COVID19 situation within the district.

ECS students have the responsibility to learn on a daily basis whether it occurs in or out of the classroom and to show their learning in different ways.

Educators are charged with establishing positive, productive learning environments in which students can learn.

Parents and guardians have a role in supporting learning when it occurs either inside or outside of the classroom.