Why Connect2Learn?

  • To transform learning

    • Allowing students to collaborate, create, and personalize their learning.

    • Building capacity among our educators to leverage technology in order to transform learning environments .

  • To equip our students to excel

    • Engaging students with the resources, skills, and knowledge to improve student learning in school.

    • Enriching students to be prepared for college, career, and life experiences in a digital world.

  • To expand the amount of digital content access anytime and anywhere

    • Stretching our students’ learning beyond the classroom.

Current Cohort Opportunities

Connect2Learn Year 4+

We had planned for 2020-21 to be our final C2L year, but because of the little hiccup we all experienced, we would like to offer one more opportunity for a C2L-like cohort. Even though all students are now 1:1, this cohort will provide the support, training, and collaboration that the previous C2L cohorts received. We invite ANY teacher who has not yet been a part of a C2L cohort to take advantage of this opportunity! Please CLICK HERE if interested!

The EdTech Collaborative

ECSD teachers accomplished an amazing feat last year and our district's collective fund of edtech knowledge has grown exponentially! To keep this momentum going, we are offering the opportunity for you to join "The EdTech Collaborative." Members of the collaborative will share edtech ideas they've seen teachers implement in their school this past year. They will then be able to take new ideas back to share with their building colleagues. This will further increase our edtech capacity district-wide. The collaborative will meet once during first semester and once during second semester (during a school day) to share ideas with representatives from other schools. Please CLICK HERE if interested!