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Other Instructional Resources

PWD (Portable Wireless Display)

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Flipped Classroom

How to Translate Websites

Interpreter/Translation Services

We have 4 Interpreter/translators who are able to do translations and virtual/phone interpretations.

Documents you need translated should be uploaded to the Translator Support Request located in Rapid Identity. Our first available translator will make sure your document is translated correctly and efficiently.

Oral Interpretation request is by google calendar invite with a Google Meets link. Our interpreter translators are staying in their base schools this year for the most part, so as not to transport germs school-to-school. They have been training on how to do virtual and phone interpretations effectively. Your assigned interpreter can be found here (please let me know if you see something that needs an edit on this directory).

If you have a different than normal interpreter need, including how to book a district interpreter for after-hours events, how to find an interpreter of a language other than Spanish, and how to urgently get a phone interpreter through Language Link if a district interpreter is not available, you can find your next steps here to ensure you have an interpreter when you need them.

EdTech Virtual Office Hours is now... EdTech Team Chat!

Send a chat message to “EdTech Team” in Google Chat to contact the entire EdTech Team!

  • The message will go to Will AND Bri, and one of us will respond as quickly as possible.

  • From the chat window, you can also click on the video icon to start a quick video chat.

  • We hope this process allows you easy and quick access to the EdTech Team and we look forward to chatting and/or video conferencing with you this year!