All students and many teachers in our district will be given a Chromebook as their ECS device. Chromebooks are like a cross between a laptop and tablet. They do not have all the software that laptops have, so they often have much faster processing speeds. They DO, however, still have a hard drive, so you can save files and access certain files when not connected to the internet. You can access any Google file offline (docs, sheets, slides, etc) as well as any file you marked as "available offline."

Student Chromebook models are: ASUS 213, ASUS 214, and Lenovo 300e Chromebook

Teacher Models are: ASUS 302 and ASUS 434

Teacher Access

  1. Teachers can log onto any ECS Chromebook by using your e-number and password

Student Access

  1. Students can log onto any ECS Chromebook by using their s-number and password