What is the purchasing process?

  1. Consider the job tasks that the employee will be doing.

  2. Use the device menu listed below to determine which device is needed based on the employee's work tasks. We recommend a Chromebook for most work situations.

  3. Obtain approval from your Principal or Supervisor.

  4. Contact the Technology Purchasing Agent via email with;

    1. employee's name

    2. device requested

    3. Principal/Supervisor's approval in writing

Can I pick any device that I want?

You can pick a device off the list below!

We found a great deal, can we purchase on our own or with a p-card?

Unfortunately, ALL technology purchases must use the above outlined purchasing process. Please reach out to the Technology Purchasing Agent if you have questions.

How can we request a device be added to the approved purchase list?

Please reach out to the Technology Purchasing Agent with details of what you are looking for and the rational for the purchase. The Technology team will evaluate the request and respond as quickly as possible.

How can I purchase non-device items on Amazon?

  1. When you purchase something on Amazon that fits into either their technology or consumer electronics department, it will prompt you for a justification.

  2. Once you click submit, the tech team receives an email notification and usually reviews it within about 15-30 mins.

    • If your order is not approved, we will reach out to you. So far, the only purchases declined have either been mistakes on the user’s part (personal purchases), an incorrect item that might damage a computer, or something we already had in inventory.

  3. You can expect your order to be processed and move along the ordering process the same day. You can easily verify the approval of your purchase by checking the status of the item order in Amazon.

  4. If you have a question or you think the approval hasn’t been processed, please submit a help desk ticket.


We implemented this process for reviewing tech purchases across the district to identify cases where we might already have the needed items in our inventory, or if the item desired is not compliant with our systems. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this process and feel it has resulted in good conversations and/or more timely service when a tech was able to drive an item already in our inventory to the school much sooner than having it shipped.

Below is a list of approved devices that may be purchased.
Please be sure to follow the purchasing process, outlined above.

Tech Menu Items