Summer 2022 Updates

Phone Dialing Changes

The ECSD phone system has been updated so that outbound calling will require a '1' (instead of '9').

This means all outbound calls must be dialed: 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx


I want to call Moe's BBQ in Eagle Colorado, number is 970-337-2277

  • From one of our Cisco phones I will now dial 1-970-337-2277

I want to call Moe's BBQ in Huntsville Alabama, number is 256-881-1227

  • From one of our Cisco phones I will now dial 1-256-881-1227

For emergency 911 calls, you can dial: 911, 9-911, 1-911

For international calls, dial '1' followed by the appropriate country/region codes and numbers

RapidID Cloud

ECSD technology has used RapidIdentity as a single-sign-on solution for several years. Our portal has been hosted on servers at EVH and BMH. This reliance on internet connections at both sites sometimes prevented users from logging in to RapidID if there were internet outages in the valley, which then prevented access to other applications.

The RapidID portal has now been moved to the cloud. This means that if a device has internet access, the user will be able to log in to the portal and connect to the various ECSD applications. The new URL is

*The previous URLs ( and will redirect to the new URL.

This has been a huge undertaking and we are working through a few bugs. Please let us know if you encounter any issues by submitting a ticket via the Help Desk.

Access to PowerSchool Admin Requires a VPN

Access to PowerSchool was made more secure this summer. Because of this added security, you will need to add a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to your device in order to access PowerSchool Admin from anywhere other than via the ECSD staff network. Find instructions for your specific device below:

VPN for Macbook

VPN for Windows

VPN for Chromebook

New and Improved Help Desk Platform

The Technology Help Desk upgraded to a new and improved Help Desk platform! The new platform is more user-friendly and will allow us to streamline our workflows with automated processes that will keep you updated on the progress of your tickets. In addition, there is a KnowledgeBase of “Solutions” that you can browse, as well as and integrated chat feature, so you may be able to find the answer and resolve the issue without even submitting a ticket!

BrightArrow: Communication Platform

BrightArrow is a new communication platform that is replacing School Messenger for the 22-23 school year. It allows staff members to send email messages, text messages, and automated phone calls to students and/or guardians directly from PowerSchool. All staff who previously used School Messenger will now use BrightArrow. Teachers also have access to BrightArrow. Please see the basic guides below to get started. To learn more or get a more in-depth view, please submit a Help Ticket.

BrightArrow: Basic Guide for Admin, Registrars, and Office Managers

BrightArrow: Basic Guide for Teachers

NOTE: Please make sure to change the default values for email out of BrightArrow. The From Sender should be your name (or Admins name) and the FROM email address / REPLY-TO email addresses should reflect how you want messages to be responded to.

Privacy Badger

Data security and tracking has become an increasingly large topic through the technology community. Human Rights Watch released this massive report on data tracking in Education Technology Products.

One particular concern revolves around third-party tracking. When you go to, nearpod will likely collect data on your usage, however they also may send data to another third-party company without your consent.

To mitigate these issues, we will be installing a reputable chrome extension called Privacy Badger into the browsers of all staff and students. This will block these trackers and cookies. If a site doesn’t behave correctly, it will take user intervention to override and allow their cookies or trackers.

The technology department has been using this extension for three months. We have encountered no issues with the extension or websites correctly loading. Please consider lessons with your students about WHY we are working to protect their data privacy from companies and HOW they must give permission for these trackers to function.

New Faces in the Technology Department

Yvonne Dodds

  • Student Data Systems Manager

  • Previously the Registrar at BMHS.

  • Working with Marta to transition 18+ years of data systems and state reporting knowledge

  • Primary contact for all PowerSchool items moving forward

*Marta Ellsworth is now a Senior Data Systems Advisor for SY22-23 to support with Yvonne's transition into this position

Martha Burgess

  • Previously taught at EES

  • 15 years of classroom experience in ES and MS

  • Looking to support teachers and students with instructional coaching and social media presence

  • Passion for using technology to increase collaboration, creativity, and engagement in the classroom

Scott Hopkins

  • Previously taught at VSSA

  • 17 years of classroom experience in MS and HS

  • Looking to expand offerings for coding and computer science

  • Passion for data projects that support teachers and students