Portable Wireless Displays


Every classroom in ECS, as well as many other building rooms, have a PWD (portable wireless display). The PWD consists of a large TV with a Chromebox mounted to the back. Essentially, you can think of it as a Chromebook with a huge monitor! This setup allows teachers to use the PWD as a Chromebook, a "projector" via an HDMI cable connection between the teacher's device and the TV, or as a receiver for Google Cast for Education. All three of these will support teachers in presenting information to their students.

*coming soon*

Teacher Access

  1. Teachers can log onto any PWD Chromebox by using your e-number and password

  2. Teachers can also connect any device (laptop, computer, Chromebook, etc.) to the PWD with an HDMI cable.

Student Access

  1. Students can log onto any PWD Chromebox by using their s-number and password