"With devices in the classroom, you can’t always see what students are doing behind their screens. GoGuardian Teacher allows you to know what students are doing on their devices and whether they are off-task or need help." - GoGuardian.com

GoGuardian allows instructors to view student screens, set up safe learning environments in which students to only visit sites you allow, close tabs on student devices, chat individually with students, access student viewing reports after a session, keep a log of student viewing from past sessions.

Teacher Access

  1. Submit a Help Desk ticket requesting to set up a training account. You must complete the above GoGuardian Training Module (click on the video tutorial) and send a screenshot of your screen showing that to the Help Desk.

  2. Once we receive your screenshot, we will set up your GoGuardian account within 24 hours.

  3. You can then go to teacher.goguardian.com and choose Log in with Google.

Student Access

  1. All ECS students are already in the GoGuardian database.

  2. Teachers will need to set up specific classrooms with the appropriate students and start sessions in order to access student devices (see training module).