Pull videos from video sites such as Youtube, Khan Academy, Ted Talks, and more. Add questions to the video. Students will watch the video and be prompted to answer each question where you post it in the video timeline, before being able to watch the rest of the video.

*If you are currently logged into your teacher Edpuzzle account, you must LOG OUT to access this demo.

Teacher Access

  1. In the upper right corner, click on Login

  2. Choose "I'm a Teacher"

  3. Choose Sign in with Google

  4. Choose your ECS email account

*Once logged in, click on your SCHOOL on this Edpuzzle Upgrade Document to be added to our district license (you only have to do this step once!).

Student Access

  1. Teachers should share a link directly to a their Edpuzzle assignment and post this in Schoology.

  2. Students will click on the link and will be taken directly to the Edpuzzle assignment. (Students may have to choose Log in with Google and choose their ECS email address, depending on what device they're using.)