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Access the EdTech Team (Scott, Martha, Will, and Bri) by sending a chat message to “EdTech Team” in Google Chat.

The message will go to both of us and one of us will respond as quickly as possible.

From the chat window, you can also click on the video icon to start a quick video chat. We hope this process allows you easy and quick access to the EdTech Team and we look forward to chatting and/or video conferencing with you this year!

Upcoming/Current Trainings

Cybersecurity Training (online/self-paced)

  • As part of our goal to provide a secure and safe environment for not only our users, but their data, we have partnered with an organization (KnowBe4) to provide cybersecurity awareness training. All ECSD staff members will be required to take a 45 minute training annually.

  • In addition, monthly emails will be sent to all staff to test the effectiveness of our training programs. These emails will masquerade as attempts to get your email password or to get you to click on a link that you shouldn’t. The results of these tests will only be used to provide additional training, these have no impact on your evaluations.

Multi-Factor Authentication (online/self-paced)

In order to provide a more secure environment, those that handle sensitive student information will be required to use Multi-Factor Authentication to log on to ECSD devices. This process requires you to enter your ECS credentials as normal and also enter a code provide via an app on your phone. Please follow these ECSD Multi-Factor Authentication instructions. We highly encourage MFA for ALL STAFF, however this is mandated for Administrators, Principals, Counselors, registrars, special education and those who handle sensitive information.

Chromebook Care and Maintenance Resources (online/self-paced)

In order to set your students up for success, it is important that you review the care and maintenance of chromebooks with them at the beginning of the year. Additionally, the Technology Department has put together an ECS Student Device Agreement that needs to be shared with your students. To support you in delivering this content, the Technology Department has created a couple of lesson options. Please watch the corresponding video for your grade level to learn how to access these lessons.

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Past Training Recordings

*For simplicity and efficiency, we have posted the most recent recording of training topics. They are arranged in ALPHABETICAL ORDER. If you are looking for a previous recording from a specific date, please reach out to Brian Brugger, Will Harris, or Bri Chittenden.

Schoology Trainings

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