Schoology is a Learning Management System that allows instructors to post assignments, assessments, links, updates, discussions and more for students to easily access. Instructors can run their entire online classroom from this home base. All ECS instructors will utilize Schoology to post assignments to keep students are parents up to date on what's happening in the classroom.

Parent Access

Initial Sign-Up:

  1. Click Sign Up at the top of the page and and choose Parent.

  2. Enter your Parent Access Code.
    This is a 12-digit code in
    xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format that you receive from your student's school or one of his/her instructors.

  3. Fill out the form with your information.

  4. Click Register to complete.

Student Access

  1. Log in to the ECS Portal with you s-number and password

  2. Choose the "Schoology" application

Students: Schoology On Your Phone or Mobile Device:

  1. Download the app from the app store your device uses.

  2. In the LOGIN THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL box, Enter "RE 50".

  3. Select the option for "Eagle County School District No. Re 50" (the one with the green dot to the right of it)

  4. Enter your sNumber and sNumber password

  5. You're in!!