Remote Teaching and Learning

(for ECSD educators)

Welcome ECSD Educators!

Some of you may be well-versed in remote teaching while others may be experiencing it for the first time. Regardless, we are here to support you! Below, we've compiled the most pertinent resources/recommendations for the remote learning environment. These will serve to amplify your implementation of instructional best practices in a remote setting.

We also encourage you to take care of your own needs so you can better take care of the needs of your students: take breaks, walk around, institute a "no screen time" part of your day, and make sure to separate work and personal life while working remotely. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the EdTech Team if you need any support in this transition.


The EdTech Team

Remote Teaching and Learning Best Practices

Remote Teaching and Learning Best Practices.pdf

Click on the underlined terms in the infographic to access more in-depth resources.

Google Meet Updates and Reminders

Google Meet Setup Instructions (with pictures!)

The instructions linked above provide an up-to-date, step-by-step guide on how to create a Google Meet virtual classroom. These instructions ensure that students can only enter the room if you are present.

*NOTE: These instructions have changed since last school year!!

New Google Meet Layout <-- click here to learn more!

*Image taken from Google Meet Help

All staff in ECSD have access to the education fundamentals version of Google Meet. If you require access to breakout rooms, polls, recordings, and attendance tracking, please submit a HelpDesk Ticket. This requires an additional cost to the district, so please only request if you absolutely need it.

*Licenses will only be enabled for teachers who are actively in a remote teaching situation.

Schoology Setup for Remote Learning

Schoology Template Course Setup Instructions

Use these instructions to copy the template month/week/day folders from the ECSD Schoology Templates Group into your course(s). You can also copy template landing pages and lesson pages that you can modify to fit your needs. See examples below.

Schoology Crash Course VIDEO for Elementary Teachers

Watch this video to get your Schoology course set up quickly and effectively. Click on the Settings GEAR icon to watch in double (2x) speed :)

Remote Learning Modules (brought to you by ECSD Learning Services)

Looking for strategies and best instructional practices in a remote setting? Check out these Remote Learning Modules created by the Learning Services team! You can listen to podcast episodes, access quick one-page reference sheets, or dive deeper into the interactive lessons.


GoGuardian LitL for Remote Learning.pdf

GoGuardian is a great tool to use both during traditional instruction as well as remote learning. Help students succeed by creating safe learning environments, opening the chat feature, and monitoring student engagement. Don't have an account? Reach out to the EdTech Team to request one!

*Google Chat (search your contacts for EdTech Team)

Digital Tools by Task

Click on a digital tool below to learn more about the tool, how to access it, and to view training resources.

Check out all our recommended tools on our Digital Learning for Educators webpage.

Reach out to the EdTech Team if you'd like more support learning about these tools.

Remote Learning - Tools and Resources by Task.pdf

Request a Hotspot for a Student

Hotspots may be requested for students, but the process has changed since last year. Read through this Hotspot Policy to ensure that a student is eligible to receive a hotspot.

Please coordinate with your office manager and submit a HelpDesk Ticket on behalf of a student who requires a hotspot to learn remotely from home.

Contact the EdTech Team

Send a chat message to “EdTech Team” in Google Chat to contact the EdTech Team!

  • The message will go to Will AND Bri, and one of us will respond as quickly as possible.

  • From the chat window, you can also click on the video icon to start a quick video chat.

  • We hope this process allows you easy and quick access to the EdTech Team and we look forward to chatting and/or video conferencing with you this year!